Jun 5, 2011

Hi June..

Oh hi June.. Welcome. June is the best month in a year according to me. It's the month where I have my birthday, btw, so it's clear why it has to be the best month in a year. :p Also, June always reminds me of holiday. Maybe because I'm a teacher and school holiday happens in June so it's a month of holiday. And don't u think of summer and beach when June comes? I do. Vacation, holiday, beach, shorts, flip flops (okay, weird, I don't even like wearing flip flops). But this June is nothing like the same June. This June, I'm a bit head over heels. There are many things to do in preparing myself from the early pension as a teacher. I can't be a woman who stay in house all day everyday, so I have to figure something out to  fulfill my time. And yes, I manage to move my workshop, yet again. After that hijacked (oh my, that word), I have to admit, I'm a bit traumatized by it. Everytime people ask me if I knew who hijack my craftsmen, I'm sad. It's like bringing back memories. Bad memories. It's not that I don't want to remember it, I do and I've learned from it, but it's just so hard to heal a broken heart u know. Yes, I'm broken hearted when my craftsmen are out. Hehehe. Funny.

So, back to June, I will try as hard as I could to make this June awesome. Yes, this June's gotta be awesooomeee. *big grin* Oh and I can't wait for July also, I will go to Vietnam on July. With my fellow travelmates. Been a while since our last journey together. They are in Penang, Malaysia, right now. And I was sad (really, I mean really) when I read their statuses on Facebook and their convie on Blackberry Groups. And Miu's tweet "wish @rembulanindira here with us.." is not helping at all. Huaaaa. I miss them. I miss walking around six to eight hours a day with them. I miss the midnight chat. I miss funny things we see on our way. I miss......vacation..*sniff*

Aaaand back again, hehehe (I am such a bad writer), here are several pics that I want to share with you. First stop, this is Bogor team. Cici, Dea, and ME. With our all-time bestest snack ever that iiiiissss........CIRENG!! Hahaha. Cireng stands out for aCI digoRENG. Fried Aci. The one we ate was the one with filling. Mine was Spicy Corned (tho I don't really like red meat, but I like Spicy Corned cireng so belly belly much), Dea's was Cheese and Cici's was cheese and spicy corned.

Next stop, this is me and my cutest students. Well, actually, they are Dea's students. I am not teaching at Tarakanita Barito again, I came there just because I give dance lesson for their year-end drama performance, Lion King. The one in the left is Marie Chloe, she was my student back then in playgroup. The one in the right is Arla. I knew her for several times and she clings to me right after. Even when I taught dance, she held my hand and didn't want to let it go. How can I dance with one hand tied to her??? Hehe.

And this is my Lion King troops. Aha. The show was great tho several students still confused where to stand in the stage. :D And it's me with Simba's head down there. Sorry, I just couldn't help it. :p

And last one, this is Choco. Bli Ananta's retriever. He sent this pic when I sad and felt down yesterday. Choco came to hug me. Oh. *huuugggsss* --> Choco's thinner now as far as I remember.. :(

Yep, that's all. Hope more and more happiness come in this June.. And July.. And August.. And all the upcoming months!! Hooowwwlll to the yayness!!

Senyum dulu ah.. :)

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