May 29, 2011


Okay, honestly, I'm a bad-prepared businesswoman. :( I, once, told Silka that nowadays, to be successful, one ought to check on every opportunity possible. It was confusing for me to see one of my friend, a freelancer, busily givin his namecard to every friends of friends, so when we met A while A was with B, he gave his namecard to A and B. And when we met X while X was with Y and Z, he directly gave his namecard to Y and Z. It was a "what the?" moment, kinda awkward, kinda overpushy to people (wait, is that even a word? overpushy? cus there's a red zigzag line under it..haha), kinda trying too hard. But then I realize, that everybody actually should do that. Namecard is like an identity, a link, a bridge on how people can get to you. And after several times failing in knowing that, I finally come to a conclusion that I need to have my own namecard. Haha.

It's not that I didn't have any namecard, of course I had, but I am a moody person, so sometimes I just got bored with my own namecard. :p

This is my very first namecard. Designed by a buyer's boyfriend (now husband). How sweet is that. I never, in a million years, wud believe that there are two people (I barely known), gave their time and attention and created such an elegant namecard design. Thanks Mas Nug and Mbak Maya. :)

These are my second namecards. With the change in the brand and to make it coherence with the logo design (that I made myself, thank you.. :p), I designed these in just two days. Once they're done, I was quite relieved, but then I got bored just a month after and decided not to take these namecards with me again. Also, Thera laughed at the writing here. And by her laughing, I kept asking myself, why shud I put the "Closer to the owner" thing there? GOSH. Like I'm promoting and selling myself out there. :D

So I was thinking, I had let down several opportunity out there (like when Mbak Tuty Cholid - the director of Asosiasi Pengusaha dan Perancang Muda Indonesia) asked me for my namecard and I said "Aduh, namecardnya di backstage, mbak.", and Mbak Amy looked at me directly with the pupils gettin bigger every second of it I was thinking of getting to the closest computer and printer and print my name and contact number directly. Too bad there was no computer nor printer near me. :(

So yeah, I needed to put myself together. Prepare everything thoroughly, including my namecard. And while I was looking for ideas, I knew right away that I want to design it based on my first namecard but to avoid any boredom in the future, I decided to make it in black and white. So here it is!! My NAMECARD!! Yay!!

So going to Subur tomorrow and givin it to whomever I meet. Hehe.

Oh btw, I finally make friend with photoshop, aite.. *big grin*

Senyum dulu ah.. :)


  1. urang sreg. dengan tas n sepatu lo yg eyecatching kesana kemari, namecard baru lo toooooo plain.. hm.. tapi jg bukan soal warna sih plainnya *scara i love BW*, tp lebih ke designnya.. kayak mainan..

    *no offsense. ini menurut gue pribadi*

  2. ah kampret.. jd bagemanah iniiih?? bikinin deh rie..hahaha

  3. gue bikinin asal dibayar pake 'Hot Momma Maroon' ga lebih ga kurang.. hahhahahhah

    #anyeaaaaang gue lg nyari sepatu trus knp ga lepas2 ini mata dari ntuh sepatu #anyeaaaaaang

  4. idiiiih....and u call yourself a frieeennnddd??? *buangmuka *sebelumnya sodorin hot momma marroon dpn idung arie