Jun 9, 2011

Can u tell?

I was sick yesterday.

It started of on Monday when I felt that my body temp was raising and felt a bit dizzy. But then I came home super late at 00.30... YAP!! 00.30.. Means half pass midnight. Haha. That was my latest ever. Oh wait, no, I was once came back to my dorm room at two in the morning. That was when I was in college.. Haha.. Ah good old days.. :D Anyhoo, back at that hour had surely raised my respect on those who work late. Tamie said she is used to come home at that hour. That very hour. Everyday. Owh maaaan... Journalist is one tough job!!

On Tuesday, I came home at 22.30. And realized I'm not feeling very well. Decided to take a bath and sleep afterward. Woke up and slept again. And woke up and then decided to go to the doctor to get a shot. After the shot, I got better. Yippie.. :) And now I'm feeling good. Cus last night, I just had a therapy. Retail and laugh therapy. Haha.

Met Mbak Emma, Meilyn, and Eski at FX, I had so much fun. We talked about everything from shoes, bags, batik, seller, and attitude. Took tons of pictures and laughed out loud. Ah, such fun. And then we went to Mazee and bought several things. I bought a square blouse from Djody (one thing not-so-good bout this blouse is that I am not even fit perfectly in their L size.. But I bought it anyway.. That L size blouse.. :D) and stripey shirt scarf from RockInc (that I put on directly and wore it like I have had it for two months..So comfy..). I also met the man behind RockInc. We have matching scarf. He wore it as a turban and me wore it as a scarf. Tried to have it as a turban also but I think I failed. Meeting him reminds me of Iriel. Haven't talked to him in a very loooong time.

And last night I was home at 23.00. Feeling better. That retail and laugh therapy had healed me somehow. Haha. Superb!! So, from the pics, can u tell that I was sick??? ;)

Senyum dulu ah.. :)

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