Sep 5, 2010

Let's breath..


Finally it's done. I'm not kidding here, my 25y.of age has really challenged me in knowing how to design this and that in this new blog. Haha. I'm just being used to my previous blog on multiply that I put this account carelessly. Oh well..

Random stories:

Dea - my teaching partner for three years - had her birthday last week (kinda!). She asked for a pillow. I was happy and couldn't believe it cus I thought she would've asked for anything valuable than a handmade pillow. Hihi. I decided to go with my readystock cat pillow. Handstiched it for 2 days and VOILA!! Happy to hand her down the cat. As well as to see her face the first time she saw it. Priceless. On our way back to Jakarta, she slept in the car using the pillow. Oh how happy I was. Happy bday De, as u know, I'm giving cat pillow for free for preggies and when u asked for it, I was so sure to spread the rumor..Dea is PREGNANT!! LOL!!

Another pillow is for a fellow teacher at school. Me and Dea call him Poppa. He is (I suppose) the oldest male teacher in the school. He's in a difficult time right now. So I just wanna cheer him up by (oh what else?) giving pillow. It's just a rectangular cotton pillow with some saying that I wrote using my new shirt marker. "Be strong poppa..God be with you.." :) Oh, I'm just soooo religious!! *hammer

why is Dea in the pic?? camb**ch!!
Oh and today, I joined fellow crafters having a "sew together" day. It's actually an event held by Puri for little girls but in cope with our feeling, we consider ourselves as little girls. Hihi. I made this beautiful (not) monster pillow. I'm really happy with the way it looks. Oh proud of me. *WHAT?? And nice meeting new friends, Cecil and July.. :)
Hi, my name is Monsta.. :)
Cheerio!! Happy 5th of September!!


  1. keren.lucu banget tuh..

  2. baru ya...
    bantal kucingnya lucu,hihi...


  3. si kucing itu lucuuu sekali buy! km emang murid teladan...hihihihi :)
    ayo bikin teman2 monsta lagi ^^

  4. semua keren!!!hwaa, monsta lucu banget sih!!
    (lucu kok ga ketawa??)

  5. Mbak Dita: You made my day mbak..Pas pagi ada notif FB, ngeliat "Aphrodita Wibowo" yg add, berpikir sbntr trus teriak "OhmayGat, Mbak Dita Cemprut add gw!!OhmayGat,baik sekali..OhmayGat!!" trus lari2 ala Phoebe Friends di dlm rumah..

    Puri: hehe..makasi Puwwinaaah..iya ini ak mau bikin lg yg monster tp ketahan krn smua kainku di studio di Bekasi ternyata..Tmsk dakron dan bla bla bla-nya..hahaha

    Tin: ktawa donk..hihihi