Sep 8, 2010

Friendsy, THANKS!!

It's funny how we met. It's funny how we cooperate. It's funny how we ended up having great times together when I barely know you for so long. But that's us. Dysfunctional yet lovely. That's us. :)


Last Saturday, I went to my campus to attend a "Buka Bersama" event. Silka, a friend, asked me to come earlier so that we (Me, Silka, Onya, n Linda) wud have times to chat and "cornering Linda on every aspect until she says 'iiiiih, kalian kok begitu si sm akuuuu' with her tiny child voice" Hihi. I came at 3PM, directly to my last boarding house. My last boarding house, yes. Awkward feeling when I stepped in. Onya and I were among the first habitant there. I even left all my things there for months when I had to come home in a rush to accompany my pops last day. The host said okay and she didn't charge me for those months. So yeah, awkward feeling it was yesterday.

the pic do me no justice and NO, I'm not pregnant.

We chatted and chatted and chatted until 5.30 and decided it's a good time to leave to campus. When we arrived, the room was already packed. With people we don't know. Okay, I'm a bad senior, I don't know my juniors that much, even when they introduce themselves today, I will forget their names the next day. :P But Silka and Onya are actually good seniors. And even they say the didn't know most of the people there. Haha.

The juniors showed some performances. One is just a singing, another is a laugh-all-the-way dancing. This was their preparation.

they gave away the bra, too bad I didn't get it.
I laughed and laughed till I forgot to take more pics. Hihi. But the boy in front of me was just too cute, I shouted "Hey youuuu, pose for us..Pose!!!" and he gave us this. Haha.

he was on top of the last pyramid they built. I was so in awe I forgot to take pic.

I came home late that night but so fresh with laugh I didn't even notice it was already 10PM. Yes, call me crazy, I think 10PM is already late. Hehe.

Thankies friends..Love ya..

L2R: Onya Linda Moi Silka
Cheerio and Happy September 8!! :)

PS: For those of you who've been asking me bout the meaning of "unyu-unyu", well, I'm not a good explainer (cus that word is a true meaningless I guess..Hihi) but when my friend Ega talked about "unyu-unyu", I decided to give her my "unyu-unyu" face..Here it is..

get it now? hihi

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