Mar 3, 2009

In Love with them!!

I have been hooked to ESPN lately cus I am (actually) waiting for the cheerleader championship, but all I got is Figure Skating. And I love it too..well, all the dancing sport, name it, call it, I'm ON!! hehehe.. So for this year, I've been in love with two of the skaters. The first one is Caroline Zhang. For GOD sake, she's only 15y.o everyone, but her performance was awesome!! I dont know about the technical elements, cus I just skate in ring inside the mall in this ever summer country..ehhehe..but she's sooooo in to the music..Seeing her skating makes me want to move my body and do some ballet (tho I'm not good at it either). I like seeing her in the short program..Oh gorgeous lil body move according to the music emotionally..oh gorgeous..eventho she ended up in second place, I still love her!! The second one of course Alissa Czisny. She has a great figure, so why bother trying hard..haha..NOOOO...just kidding!! her figure is, yes, great!! she's tall with her long legs. and she moves gracefully to every music. and look at the beautiful smile..she is lovely no?I dont really like her performance in the short program but finally she wins!!

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  1. Wow!!!