Sep 8, 2010


Hmm..Two posts in one day. Sorry peeps, I'm havin my hols, what can I say? Hehe.

Here's the condition:
1. All of my fabrics is in my studio in Bekasi.
2. All of my felts is in my studio in Bekasi.
3. My dacron filling is there too.
4. Oh, basically all of my crafty needs and tools are there. AND.........
5. The housemaid GONE goes back to her village for this Idul Fitri Hols so that I have to stay at home, can't leave the house, can't go to my studio. :(

There's only fabric scraps that I took from Puri on the "sew together" day and basic tools that I always put inside my car and go along wherever I go. The fabrics are not even a yard and they're of the same motifs. *My fault it is, I shud've dig deeper to get more motifs.

I don't want to be a Miss Full-of-Complaint (thou I am being her right now) so I'm just playing with the materials I got here.

Firstly, of course I made yoyo. I've been clung to making yoyo for a week or so. I planned to make a wreath full of yoyo for christmas. But then I saw another felt rosie wreath from The Pretty Poppie and think it looks greater than a yoyo wreath. Haha. *random mind* So I'm making yoyo just for......oh well, just makin it, none aim to. Hihi.
I love seeing them..Just seeing..Hihi
Having a sack full of yoyo, I was getting bored and then turn one of the fabric into a pin cushion. I know it's not fancy but it's useful. My first pin cushion is actually a nice looking one, one that I don't like about it is that it can't stand still. It always roll, making it hard for me to reach to my pin ASAP (do you really need to get to your pin ASAP? No I suppose, I'm just being over.. :p) And I made this simple yet lovely pin cushion. Put one of the yoyo and a button on top of it, VOILA.

the old one, tired of catching it
the new one, no need to catch, it sleeps still :)

Cheerio!! Happy 8th of September (again)!!


  1. HOHO!!APA APAAN ITU?!!!*nunjuk nunjuk foto

  2. hahaha..makhluk lucu yg suka berguling..

  3. hayo bulbul (^ ^)
    ak datang mencari kucing hihihi

  4. *clingak clinguk* sama Vick, ak jg lg nyari kucingnah..hehehe..