Sep 15, 2010

Yes, it's my studio.. :)

Hurray, finally I have time to blog again. Haiyaaa fellas, howayah? How was your hols? Mine was terribly boring. Hihi. But that's okay, I'll start teaching (and feeling alive) again in no time. :) Well here, I just want to show you my studio. Yup, MY STUDIO. *clapping hands, dancing* I finally use a room in my house to have this sanctuary built in. Just a room. Not even 3x3 meter square but lovely. And adorable. And well functioned. And ah, I just love it. Enjoy.

Leave you with a smirk.. :)
Cheerio!! Happy September 15th.. :)


  1. girls day out slanjutnya bisa disini nih... hihihi... aku pengen main2 ke studio barumu buy...

  2. hahaha..tdnya ak jg mau usul krn studioku ini di bekasi, drpd diamuk massa, mending nunggu ada yg minta dan ak hayuk aja..hihihi..