May 2, 2014

My [Super] Small So-Called Apartment

When mom gave me the idea of having a place to call my own, I was a bit disagree. I loved being a room-renter and basically, that was just enough. But then it tickled me that maybe (just maybe), that idea was not bad at all. She said she wanted to see me being independent and taking care of my own place - not that I didn't do so - I guess she just want to slow me down a bit with all the traveling plans. Hihihi.

Buying an apartment in mom's apartment complex would be too-high-of-a-dream at that moment so I opted a smaller and cheaper one not very far from my office. This apartment is a 27 meter square one-bedroom apartment (or flat as I call it), completed with one living room, one tiny kitchen, one narrow bathroom, and one I-still-don't-know-what-to-do-with-it balcony.

After three months of renovating and decorating, here's some pictures of it with information you might need (I know several of you asked about the wood work). :D Enjoy Ubernest!! :D

Spent my Sat night drawing..

I wanted a 3D vinyl carpet, I got it..
Eventhough it drained my saving.. Hihihi..

3D Vinyl Carpet: Ace Hardware
Handyman: From Ace

Several cubes and tables from my studio

Cubes and Tables: A handyman from Depok. Sorry, lost his number.

A lil something. I need more!!

Buddha: A gallery in Kuta, Bali
Princess: Jabotabek Shopping
Bali Dancer: Krishna, Bali
Loops: DIY

I (really) need to get rid some of them..

Kamasutra Decor: Krisna, Bali
Him-Her Piggy Bank: Moonaddict
Bookcase and Clothes Case: Carrefour

Insta Door!! :D

Floor to ceiling wall decal.. :D

Wall Decal: Azka House

New sofa.. :D

Initial Pillow: DIY


Faris Furniture: 
So that's a lil something called Ubernest. Tiny but lovable. Hihihi.

I still need to do (and have) several things here. Like for now, a big big mirror at the side of my bed! :D

Will update more!
Oh and give comments if you want to see The Ubernest Tour! Also, the DIY project. :D

Senyum dulu ah.. :)


  1. Nice, Buuy!

    I automatically double-tap on the insta-door pic, ngahahaha...:D

    1. Ngahahaha.. Thank you belly belly much, Kakateteeee.. <3

  2. lagi googling soal pernak pernik bali trus nemu blog ini truusss i remember sumthin..ini bulan yang dulu pernah deket sama wawan bukan ya? nama nya familiar ;) cmiiw

    btw apart nya bagus..suka sm pernik2nya..insta door nya kaya printerous kah?

    1. Hahaha.. Hai Tissa, iya ini Bulan temannya Wawan.. :)

      Terima kasih sudah mampir ya.. Insta doornya ambil dari Instagram aku, print langsung di Pictalogi. :)