Dec 8, 2011


Spent last Sunday going to Kebun Raya Bogor with friends.. :) HAPPY!!!!

Spent last (errrrr... too long I can't remember what day we went) watching movie with Bli Ananta and Mas Ari.. (and funny cus Mas Ari speaks Balinese more medhok than Bli Ananta but I call him 'mas'.. Hihihi..)

Spent last (another too long moment I can't remember it when.. :p), havin dinner together with Silka n Onya. FREE!! Courtesy of US WINNING HALLOWEEN PHOTO COMPETITION!! Yay!! We got voucher of Rp250.000, ate many that night and the voucher still remained Rp100.000. Kekekeke. I went there again the day after and spent the last Rp50.000. :p Alhamdulillah.. :)

Spent two days ago, picniccing in the afternoon inside Sari's car parked in the gas station. :p  Went there again yesterday to meet a buyer. Just realized, I have an odd meeting point.. Hahaha...


*jogedan maju mundur*

Senyum dulu ah.. :)


  1. meeting point nya di pom bensin tanjung barat bukaaannn?? :D

  2. Eeeeeyyymmmm!!! :))))