Sep 18, 2011


I was about to write about need-priority-preference in this blog but then was youtubing instead. :p. Busily checkin Jessie J's videos (I kinda like the bitchiness in her but somehow don't really like all of her when I stumbled upon this girl. MAAAANN!! This girl is awesooommmeee!!!

She does many cover version well. Means that she sings all of the songs with her own touch in it. And the statement that she doesn't endorse the lyrics of the song that she sang is just relieving, she sings songs that she likes, that's all, no feeling related to the lyrics yet she sings it full of heart. I was in awe checkin her cover on Jessie J's Price Tag when I saw another link to video of her doing cover of Adele's Rolling in The Deep. Whaaattt??? Whaaaat??? She can sing Adeeellleee?? Oh my!!  *faint!!*

Oh oh and also, she covers Christina Perri (remember, my song for this very situation.. :p)'s Jar of Hearts.. Oh!! *double faint*

She's going to be something for sure. With her girl-next-door face, no hair-flick drama (Hai Bieber Fans.. :p), beautiful smile, and musicality (oh, she can play piano and guitar too.. oh.. *triple faint*), she's gonna rock the world!! Oh well, if it's not the world yet, she surely has rocked my world for sure laaah. :))

Aaaah, I love Maddi Jane!!

Senyum dulu ah.. :)

Link to her youtube in HERE..

Isn't she sweet?????

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