Jul 19, 2011

Too fast..

While June lasted like forever, July moves too fast..

I'll be heading to Tanjung Balai Karimun tomorrow. Exploring another part of the country. Will take lotsa photos. And share them with u guys. :)

Right now, just several (or many) photos of what I've been doing around lately. Pretty much occupied with my brother's wedding. No internet connection whatsoever in my brother's house, weird huh? Hehehe.

LOL seeing my DP BBM that looks like Citta's DP BBM (or vice versa).
One difference is that her DP BBM is a MONKEY.. Haha.

Me and Baby Randa.. :)

With my niece, Athira.
 She's about to enter kindergarten.
I taught her how to answer when the teacher asks "Who can answer?".
She needs to raise her hand and say "BEJO Buuuu.."

The Soetrisnos..

Wander around graveyard..

My brother, a day before his marriage.. :)
Elmo. One of a few cat that I like to hang with.

Yumi. She's massaging me. No lie. It was great! :)
Cuz.. Kiki and Issa..

The Kebaya and the beehive hairdo. =))

With Sawa and Irbi. Amazing lil angels.

Oh July, you move too fast. Can I have a lil bit of you more.. Like three days more.. Hehehe.

Senyum dulu ah.. :)


  1. Sist, I looooooove your kebaya. Jahit dimana? Mau dunk infonya :)

    1. Thanks.. :) Jait di tetangganya tante di Duren Sawit. I don't have the address but kindly drop an email to rembulan_indira@yahoo.com and i'll inform u her phone number.. :)