Apr 4, 2011


A friend asked me to say what's on my mind instead of just being quiet when she had hurt me..
I do..
And she said "Relax, don't be too serious..I was just joking..No offense whatsoever.."
So what's the point of me saying what's on my mind if at the end, I should just quiet and relax cus she was just joking?

And her joke had hurt me..
And she doesn't realize that..
And she thinks I'm over sensitive..


Another friend asked me to stand up for myself and not give everything up just because I don't want to have a friction..
I do..
And she said "You have to be in my shoes to know what I meant earlier. I meant you no harm."
So what's the point of me stand up for myself and not give everything up if at the end I should feel how she felt and know what she meant actually?

And she did me harm..
And she doesn't realize that..
And she thinks I'm over exaggerate everything..


A friend asked me to tell her bout everything personal in my life. I refused to answer. She insisted. I gave up..
I do..
And after I told her the whole story, includes how I feel now and that I need her to pat me on my shoulder and calm me down, she said "Oh so he's the one who dumped you and doesn't want to be with you.."
Does she know she hurts me bad by saying that?
Does she know I cried when I read her conclusion?
I guess no..
So should I just be quiet?
I was quiet, but I kept questioning myself, is that how friendship works?


A friend asked me whether I wanted to come with her to a show. I said yes. I was excited..
When I arrived at the venue and called her so that we could meet before the show and have a chat, she said she was having a great talk with another friends and said she would not be there until right before the show. I was stunned. And to make it even worse, she asked me to keep my mouth shut and not giving any comment bout a current political condition with her another friends. What? I never put myself in a political path. Neither was I nor am I. She knows it. So why bother asking me that? Just because she doesn't want to lose her another friends? Or that she believe I'm incapable to keep up with their convie. Any way, she had hurt me.

I was quiet. Thru the whole show. But I kept questioning myself, if she is able to do what she just did to me, so where's the friendship part takes place? Is this how it supposed to be?


So I talked this morning. Saying what I'm feeling. Telling what's on my mind. As predicted, it became an issue. She was mad. I was furious. At the end, she said that she doesn't want to continue the conversation. Yea right, always like that with everybody. If that's how it works, why should I stand up and speak at the first place? What's the point of me telling I was hurt by her saying without even a hint of her saying sorry? What's the point?

Cus there will never be a point.
As long as people still finding it hard to say sorry yet easy to say "it was just a joke..don't take it for granted.."
As long as people still say "you have to be in my shoes" yet disgust themselves to be in another's shoes.

There will never be a point and at the end, a person should walk and run and think and stay and speak and stand for his/herself. No one knows him/her better than self.

Senyum dulu ah.. :)

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. 

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