Sep 23, 2010

Warming UP!!

So today I came home earlier. Sending all of the packages by dropping only and after that, decided to go straight home. I'm tired. And yes lemme tell you, everytime I come home, there will be (a) package(s) waiting for me. I love online shopping, there is an uncertain feeling of hope and surprise when I tear that package away. And today, there was one big fat package waiting as I entered my room.

Washing my hands, feet, and peepee, I then brutally opened the package. Uta was there, watching me as I went nut with the tape all over the package. He laughed and consistently asking "What is it Ibu? What is it Ibu? What is it Ibuuuu???" And TADAAAAAA..It's YAAAARRRRNNNN!!!! Hahaha. It's wool yarns with many beautiful ombre colors. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

 I then start to work. Bli blu bli bla blo ble la la la li li li du du du puci puci puci aaaaaand TADAAAAAA!!!

what is it??
It's a scarf for him!! He loves the color, he loves the length, he loves the scarf!! (He asks me to put two or three pompoms at the end of the scarf, but we can do it later, can't we?)

"Thank you Ibuuuuuu. You are ibu hebaaaat." He said. And still using the scarf while watching Bernard Bear right now. Haha.

Cheerio!! Happy September 23rd!!

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  1. lucunyaaahhhh XXD
    eh Bulan jadi ikutan JTown junction di gandaria?:D