May 3, 2013

Fashion Post: My Office Wear..

It was last week when my friend, Idho, a noted fashion stylist for a noted magazine in Indonesia, said about this fashion post. He said I actually got style and that I need to show it off more. :)) And it was last year (I believe) when Eski, a friend of mine who is also a stylist, asked me to make a fashion post - in which of course I failed desperately.

So this week, I gain my confidence to make this fashion post (with the help of the drunk voice of Lana Del Rey). Not my thing really, I kinda find it hard to pose though I'm a big fan of America's Next Top Model (Gee, booty touche!!). Luckily, I have a brother here at the office who has no choice is willing to take dozens pics of mine every morning.

So, Idho and Eski, c'est pour toi! S'amuser!

Btw, a peek of new thing at my shop in the pic! :p

*Updated: Three people had asked me to make the pic bigger because they barely saw the detail. With the note of 'set the pic to be bigger when you do fashion post! Okay.. Here's to you.. Bigger pictures (with me on it).. Uhuks!! :p

Unbranded Tops, Zara Pants, Moonaddict Shoes, Moonaddict Double Loop Shawl
Arnesio Dress, Polo Cardie, Moonaddict Shoes, Moonaddict Reversible Shawl, Unbranded Belt
Banana Republic Dress, Moonaddict Loop Shawl, Moonaddict Shoes, WW Community Necklace, Alain Delon Sunnies
Unbranded Tank, Tailor-Made Jeans, Moonaddict Shoes, Unbranded Blazer, Aviator Sunnies
Tailor-Made Tops, Unbranded Houndstooth Legging, Moonaddict Boots, Unbranded Shawl

Wait, just realize, how can I make a fashion post with everything 'unbranded'?? :)))

Senyum dulu ah.. :)


  1. Kece misss bulll... i favorite the last...

    1. Thank you, Sanny.. <3