Jan 16, 2012

Bear with me!!

Random post, sorry..

I often say "Bear with me!!" to paktukang. At times when I think their workphase is too slow and not synch with mine. I know they don't know the exact meaning of it, but they're use to hear some of my say and kinda know the emotion behind and that's enough. :p

Just now, I heard this..

Pakmandor: Bang Roni, queena lolita uda belom?
Bang Roni: Belom, ntar deh.
Pakmandor: Jangan nanti Bang Roni. Kerjain sekarang. Kan sudah diminta kerjain dari tadi. Bear with me Bang Roniiiii!

Was he makin fun of me? NOPE. He really said that. He really meant that.

In my mad time like this, their convie, somehow could make me laugh hard.

Yes, bear with me dear paktukang. Bear with me. :)))

Senyum dulu ah.. :)

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