Jun 22, 2011

Over The TOP!! - 1

I did a LIVE talkshow on TV yesterday. It was quite hilarious cus it created a misunderstanding afterward. I put status on my Facebook saying that I will be on MNC Business Channel the day after for a business talkshow. Many support me. I'm over the moon up till now when I read their supporting comments. When the time finally came, I didn't bring my blackberry to the studio (who does?) so I didn't know what's goin on.

Right after I finished the talkshow and checked my blackberry, I laughed outloud. There are many friends, families, and buyers who happened to wait and put MNC TV on while the talkshow actually aired on MNC Business Chanel (which is different from MNC TV apparently..). Haha. So they waited and they got telenovela instead. With the girl saying everything in a dramatic way "I love you Jose Fernando. Don't you love me? I will kill myself if you go and choose to stay with Marmela!!" Hahahaha. I assured them, it wasn't me. And the best part is, Bli Ananta had asked all of his colleague along with the office boy and the administration officers in his office to stay and watch ME on TV. And yes, they got that Marmela instead. Also, Uta's mom had told all of her relatives in the village that's been asking bout me the whole time that I'm goin to be on TV and that they can see me. And yes, they got Marmela instead. Haha.

So the show been great, people. I thank God I did not make such a "whaaat??" face when answering the question. I answered everything thoroughly (I supposed) and smoothly. One slight is that the producer came to the set after scene two and asked me to answer everything slowly cus I spoke too fast. Hehehe. Beside that, everything was okay. :) And they love my products. One pair of shoes sold right away. And several orders come. Haha. Alhamdulillah.

So, this is me and Mas Wicky. He's the host of the talkshow. And down there is me with Mbak Stella - the make up artist. I was about to dead when she put smokey eyes look to my eyes. My eyes looked like Panda eye to me. And another about-to-dead moment for me when she put blush on not only to my cheek bone but also to my jaw. Oh. *fainted* But when I took pics of me and her and mas Wicky, I just realized that the make up doesn't look heavy at all. I even like my look. I look.......more......mature. Hehehe. Guess that's why she's a make up artist, no? :)

Ah, dear God, thank you for many opportunities You provide for me. It's one step further for my business. Thank you for everything. Thank you. Ah, I can never thank you enough. Cus You're AMAZING. Thank you.

Senyum dulu ah.. :)


  1. kak bulan kapan atuh maen sinetron? hahaha...

  2. Hahaha... TIIIINNNN!!!! *getok!!